Geyser Pumps
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Geyser Pumps are energy efficient pumps for many uses including waster water treatment, rain water and storm water management and pond aeration.  Geyser pumps are low maintenance and reliable for years beyond most submersible pumps.  In the next few pages you will see how Geyser Pumps can help with everyday systems and can even be used to renovate a current system where submersible pumps can be replaced with more efficient and lower energy Geyser pumps for reliability and consistent flow.  A Geyser pump is made of sturdy PVC, so it is impervious to most pH and chemical enviroments.  The application of a Geyser pump can easily be suited to your needs by our design team and installed by a local contractor or operator at your facility. Geyser pumps are patented airflow pumps that will revolutionize your water handling needs and possibly lower your cost of operation.
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